Soning Sp. z o.o.

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44-207 Rybnik


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Stages of cooperation

1. Concept

Experienced engineering staff allows us to create concepts of modern devices, robotic cells and processing lines for the most demanding customers. We deal with creating of new solutions and improving those processes which already exist. We support our clients in the concepts of new projects and process simulations.

2. Design

Using the Catia software, our designers are able to make 3D models of any devices, analyze their strength, and check their functionality - then perform 2D detailed drawings. The automation and electrical engineering department deals with the design of the electrical and automatic installation and ensures its compliance with the quality and safety standards. It also deals with the creation of new softwares.

3. Implementation

Technical infrastructure of Soning Sp. z o.o. allows to make prototypes of parts. We make parts and we also order the reliable subcontractors, who guarantee the highest quality, to make them. We offer the creation of projects in accordance with the technical documentation approved by the client and with the agreed schedule.

4. Testing

Before staring up, we test the machine in our facility and at the final localization indicated by the client. It helps to implement the next stage efficiently, i.e. the final commissioning of each machine.

5. Commissioning

After finishing the project, our team monitor the correct assembly and commissioning of the machines at client's facility. We also provide service for our products, technical support and training.

We develop new solutions for the industry with passion and commitment.

our partners:

Soning Sp. z o.o.

ul. Podmiejska 95/BH2, 44-207 Rybnik


+48 600 168 409

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