Stand for connecting thermal shields

- an automatic station for connecting thermal shields with the use of TOX technology. It uses hydraulic, pneumatic and pneumohydraulic drives.

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Autonomous assembly stations

- two symmetrical assembly stations that perform the process of pressing the sleeves into the construction details of the car seat.

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Robotic station for sharpening of details

- automatic picking of the item from the feeder, sharpening and palletizing with the electric triaxial manipulator.

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Automatic assembly stand for brackets of shock absorbers

- an autonomous station for picking up and assembly of elements of brackets for shock absorbers.

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We offer our clients a wide range of works related to machine construction, industrial automation and robotization of production processes.

stages of cooperation

Thanks to the experience and engineering knowledge of our employees, each stage of cooperation is performed and closely supervised by specialized engineering staff.


Our projects include the construction of single, prototype machines as well as complete production lines based on the latest technical solutions.

Why us?

Soning Sp. z o.o. provides services in design, construction, programming and commissioning of machines for industry. It was established in 2013. The beginning of the company are the connected with the implementation of projects for German clients, in cooperation with the KMHP Engineering GmbH company. The result of the cooperation with a German partner was an increased knowledge and experience in this field of business. Soning Sp. z o.o. has employed new, experienced engineers. Two main departments were created: construction, automation and electrical engineering.

The next stage of the company's development is the cooperation with Polish clients from the Automotive industry and broadly understood automation of production processes, as well as comprehensive implementation of machine designs. From that stage, Soning company has made automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines as well as complete production lines. The company also invested funds in the development of the department that deals with robotization of processes.

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We develop new solutions for the industry with passion and commitment.

our partners:

Soning Sp. z o.o.

ul. Podmiejska 95/BH2, 44-207 Rybnik


+48 600 168 409

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